No One Ever Reads These Things

No one ever reads my blogs because they are mostly boring.  I just write them for myself.  I could post some of MY REALLY DUMB DOGGERELS here. Continue reading


Man Proposes, Fate Disposes

Now I believe in God.  But I don’t think He punishes when we’re here on earth.  It’s Good Luck, Bad Luck , neutral luck…and that’s Fate.  I lean on God and He helps me deal with all the shit that life dishes out.  And believe you me, life dishes out a lot of shit.

So, I had these great plans to live a calm and ordinary life in April 2011.  And it was a great year.  Did lots of scrapbooking and had a pleasant, social time in the class.  Even got an invitation to a fourth of July barbeque–something that’s only happened in my life once before.  And I was 58 years old!

Then along came November, and with it, my diagnosis of late-stage ovarian cancer.  No test for this cancer, no symptoms, so for 75% of it’s victims, they are in either stage IIIc or stage 4.  Meaning lymphnode involvement or worse.

So, between nov 2011 and June 2014, I spent most of that time on chemo and feeling 1/4 alive.  I was on 4 different chemos.  Now chemo won’t help me much anymore.  So I’ve gone off treatment.  Feel a little better.  But I’m starting to get stomach pains.  I’ll probaby have a few more months like this, then then I’ll have to call hospice in and eventually die.  Probably within the year.

So, that’s how it goes.  Lucky I believe in God and Heaven!  I’ll probably have to do a lot of Purgatory first before I go into the Divine Presence, but I’m gonna see It sooner 0r later.  It will be the best thing that ever happened to me!


Back to Braves-Ball!

Well, I decided, after about ten years, to get back in the swing!



Bobby Cox resigned last year, but I always liked him.  No.  The reason I stayed away was because I was busy with trying to write, or trying to become a jeweler, or unravelling the horrendous mess my husband created with the IRS.  Yes, that IRS disaster took three precious years of my free time.


Now that I, for the first time in my life, can be an ordinary housewife, I plan to have a hobby or two.  And the Braves will be one of them!


I wanted to see a Braves game from the first time I lived in Atlanta, which was back in June of 1977.  Unfortunately, the people I knew would not go with me, because “the Braves always lose.”  Well pippity-pew!  I’d been raised by a Mets fan who ALWAYS spent his Sundays atching the Mets on TV, even though they always lost.


What I should have done was gone down to the old Fulton County stadium during a day game.  Then I would have felt safe.  But I didn’t.  Rats.  So my history with the Braves when I was an Atlanta resident came to naught.